Adoption Stories

Mike & Joanna - Hopeful Adoptive Parents

We thank you for reaching out to us in your search to find a loving family for your precious baby, and we admire your courageous decision to make an adoption plan. Our hearts reach out to you, and we are hoping to help and support you through this adoption journey. We realize that this is an important and difficult decision, and we want you to feel comfortable knowing that your child will be raised in a home with lots of love, laughter and happiness.

In July of 2012, we adopted our beautiful daughter. It was an amazing experience. Although we are happy and feel blessed to have each other and our daughter Isabella, we are so excited about welcoming another baby into our home to make our family complete.

Sharing our profile with you allows us to give you an idea of what our family life is like. We promise to give your child a wonderful life filled with unconditional love, security, and opportunity. Mike and I would very much like to be a part of what the future holds for your baby by being devoted and loving adoptive parents who will be there to encourage this child all throughout his or her life.

We are comfortable answering any questions you may have. We hope our profile allows you to imagine your baby being safe in our care, and we also hope to make your decision a little easier knowing that we are here to listen, help, and support you in any way possible. Our whole family is waiting to welcome your baby with open arms. Thank you for considering us in your search to find a loving and happy home for your baby.

Tim Green - A Man and His Mother

For years, Tim Green seemed to be living the American dream. A handsome, intelligent honor student, he was also a strapping 6'2", 250-pound All-American defensive end at Syracuse University, where he led the historically successful football program back to national prominence. On the strength of his stellar college football years, Tim became a coveted first-round draft choice of the Atlanta Falcons, going on to a sensational career in the NFL.

But appearances can be deceiving. There was a void that numerous academic accolades and the adoration of cheering fans could not fill. Though he was raised in a loving and supportive family, Tim, an adopted child, had always longed to find his biological mother. But it was not until the mother of an exgirlfriend confessed to him that she had given up a son--a son who would have been about Tim's age--that the full weight of what it meant to be adopted came down on him. Tim acutely felt the need to locate his biological mother, to let her know that he was all right--that he was successful and happy. Empathizing with the feelings of loss and regret that a mother who had given up a child must feel, he sought not only to find answers to his own questions but to answer those of his biological mother--a woman who somewhere, sometimes, must have thought of the son she could not keep. Bolstered by the love and support of his adoptive parents, Tim embarked on an odyssey to discover the woman who had given him his life--and then left him before she could become a part of it.

"A Man and His Mother" is the extraordinary story of one man's courageous search for the mother he never knew. Expertly written and filled with brilliant insights and heart-wrenching remembrances, as well as gentle humor, it is more than just a compelling look at what it means to be adopted. From Tim's life as a gangly youngster to competing in the grueling National Football League to having children of his own, this is an impassioned exploration of the special relationship between a man and his mother, and how deeply this relationship affects everything we do in our lives.