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Pamela Litman

On a cold February day at the age of two and a half, I remember sitting on a warm radiator in Louise Wise Adoption Agency in New York City. With my favorite picture book in one hand and a lollipop in the other, I looked up with a shy glance to see a lady and man peeking in on me. As I became older and more curious about my adoption, I asked my parents to tell me about the first time I met them.

Author as a little girl
Author when she was a little girl!

This is how my adoption story begins. The phone rang and my mother answered the call. It was the social worker from the adoption agency. She said the reason for the call was to let my parents know that a child just became available for adoption. This was the call my parents were eagerly awaiting to receive for years. They had been put on a waiting list five years prior. The social worker told my mother to come over right away to meet the child. My mother was so excited. She called to my father to put his Reader's Digest down and to grab his coat. Off they went to the big apple. When my parents arrived at the adoption agency, they were escorted to the room I was in. Much to their delight, they saw a little girl with the sun shining on her light brown locks. She was wearing a blue dress and black patent leather Mary Janes. I was told that I went over to my father and handed him a book and said read please. While he was reading to me, my mother started crying tears of joy! They played with me and from that moment on, we bonded, and it felt like we had been together forever! My parents knew I was meant to be their child. A week later I happily moved in with my new family.

My parents were very loving, protective, and doting. According to mom and dad I was polite, well mannered, and always aiming to please. When I was six years old, we adopted my little brother. The love and care that was given to us, is now passed on to my family.

Books, art, music, and theatre have always been a part of my life growing up. My husband and I enjoy doing the same with our chrildren. I live in the New York City metropolitan area with my husband, Son, two daughters and a furry child, our dog Destiny.

Through the book "My New Family And Me" in rhyming words and beautiful illustrations with an emphasis on color, children from all over the world can be touched by these heartwarming stories of love and adoption. It is magical to show how special it is to be part of a loving adopted family!

I am a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI).

My New Family and Me